ADA Q and A

Hi! I'm Lalawa Donigi-Bedford.
Kuku Yalanji/Djabugay (If your unsure ask Mum or Dad)
Hey everyone, I'm Lalawa Donigi-Bedford, and I'm really excited to share the latest updates on the ADA x IDL project. So, here’s the update on the project..."
I live in ….. in Cairns, which is a really beautiful place surrounded by beautiful landscapes."
My perfect day would start with a bagel, spending time with my family and friends, listening to my favourite Kendrick Lama song (name?) then working on some creative projects, and maybe ending the day with watching Harry Potter on Netflix and chocolate.
My favourite colour is definitely blue, it just gives me a calming vibe. And when it comes to movies, I can watch 'The Avengers' a million times and never get bored!
I've always imagined myself as a successful graphic designer, using my creativity to bring ideas to life and make an impact through visual storytelling.”
The most exciting part about this project is the opportunity to infuse Indigenous perspectives into the design process and collaborate with amazing talents. It's truly a unique and empowering experience."
Example: I just want to express my gratitude for the support and enthusiasm from everyone involved. Your encouragement means a lot to us as we work towards creating something meaningful and impactful. Thank you all!"