We’re proud to
be sustainable

With much appreciated three year grant support from philanthropic group The John T Reid Foundation which expired in 2022, IndigeDesignLabs has turned into more than just a model of skillsharing with young people.

Today with the skills developed over three years, a little help with contractual donations from Indigenous design and creative agency, ingeous studios IndigeDesignLabs has modelled itself into a social impact venture giving back to the local community and the young people.

While we are committed to what we are achieving at IndigeDesignLabs we are always appreciative of a hand up. If you’re keen to see First Nations young people thrive and see more First Nations designs in your world please reach out. We’re always keen for a yarn.

We accept any support througn donations or simply through the purchase of our products from one of our online stores you can become a support of our work.

Through a simple purchase you’ll be supporting our work.


We provide services throughout Australia and have partnered with some Australias leading Corporations to support the work we are undertaking to provide opportunities for our young people throughout Far North Queensland.