A unique set of Procreate brushes.

To illuminate this year’s NAIDOC theme of ‘Heal Country’ the team at IndigeDesignLabs have created a set of Heal Country brushes that everyone can use in their creative process to celebrate Australia’s First Peoples during NAIDOC 2021.

Through a small purchase price, you will be supporting the work of IndigeDesignLabs and future projects as well as the establishment of a Caring for Country Youth program.

We wanted to do something different to celebrate NAIDOC week this year and invite other Procreate users across the globe to come on a journey with us through the use of these brushes to celebrate the importance of Caring for Country and the environment globally.

The brushes have been created by an all Indigenous team from Australia and contain no significant cultural motifs which means that mob and allies alike in the Procreate Universe can use the brushes, a small fee that will support the work we are doing.

Since we started IndigeDesignLabs in 2020, Procreate has been an essential tool that the young people naturally navigate towards in their creative process simply because of its ease of use and the versatile way it can be used to start the creative design process.

Funds from the sale of these brushes will go towards the ongoing work of IndigeDesignLabs and the establishment of a Caring for Country program youth program that will provide opportunities for all young people to experience being on Country with Traditional Owners. The true essence of Healing Country.

For those that don’t know about NAIDOC week, it is like our Australia day for Australia’s First People! A week where we celebrate our culture and histories as Australia’s First Peoples. Progressively many Australians are coming to celebrate NAIDOC with us and understanding and celebrating our history as First Australians and our unique cultures that should be celebrated with pride by all Australians.