Indigenous Design Labs participants

Janice Ghee

Meriam Mir (Murray Island)

I love to make art pieces of various topics and thoughts I have but leave it up to the interpretation of how the audience will want to view it to compare with my views. All of my pieces include elements from a cultural perspective and relate back to the environment. One of the most important stories that I want to tell through my art and design is the impact that global warming is having on my homelands in the Torres Straits. It’s important to tell these stories and tell them in unique and impactful ways.

How can art/design change the world?
A simple photograph, sketch or painting can change the world because it contains many stories/meanings which can be from the past, present or future. Also whether it is culture(traditional), environmental and Political.

What role does Procreate play in the work you’re doing?
I am pretty new to Procreate, I have only been using it for about one year now, but since discovering it at IndigeDesignLabs it plays an important part in creating my art and design works now. It’s really important for me that I move from using a sketchpad to using technology to promote art rather than just a sketch pad, to do old things in new ways.

What do you enjoy about IndigeDesignLabs?
IndigeDesignLabs really gives me the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the creative industries. It’s an awesome opportunity to learn how we can tell our stories in new ways combining new techniques, and melding design, art and technology together. It’s very different from simply painting on a canvas or drawing on a sketchpad and of course I love meeting and interacting with people that have the same passion for creativity.

Brushes Descriptor
One of my procreate brush designs is a Kolap(s), which is a traditional element like a seed that is used as an instrument in traditional dancing all throughout the Torres Strait. It can be used by both men and women and it’s important for me because it represents how our culture is always tied to elements of Country. The second design is a pretty simple design which is turtle tracks which is symbol of the


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