Indigenous Design Labs participants

Tarquin Singleton


Tarquin is an Aboriginal creative who joined the project in 2021.  In addition to illustration and design, Tarquin has worked on Country as a Yirrgandji ranger and in cultural engagement for many years. His design work is a combination of traditional Aboriginal art and modern and western art. Tarquin draws his inspiration for his designs from Bulmba (Country), Kulbul (Sea country) and Bulurru (Lore, Creator, Culture). 

“Yirrganydji country is located from Cairns to Port Douglas making us rainforest and saltwater people. Growing up in two world heritages the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest is something to be proud of and has heavily influenced my work.  My designs are heavily influenced by my heritage and combine the elements from traditional Indigenous art with modern art.

What is good about IndigeDesignLabs is that we can work in a studio environment to bounce ideas off each other. Working as a mentor is good because it keeps me learning new skills and being able to teach those skills is a rewarding experience.”

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Aboriginal Designer Leigh Harris

Leigh Harris

Aboriginal Designer/Co-Founder

Jamaylya Ballangarry-Kearins

Aboriginal Creative Coordinator

Tarquin Singleton

Aboriginal Creative Mentor

Sheree Jacobs

Torres Strait Creative Mentor


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